SummerSalt is proud to be partnered with SEA SHEPHERD and CHILDREN'S GROUND.

Keep an eye out for their stalls and staff at most of our SummerSalt concerts and drop by, say hello, learn a bit more, and grab some of their merch or donate.



Children’s Ground is an organisation designed and led by First Nations communities that are creating a different future for the next generation of children. It is restoring First Nations ways of learning, wellbeing, creative arts, enterprise and governance – all integrated and connected with the right country, language and people, backed by Western evidence-based approaches. Children's Ground partners with entire communities over a 25-year period to make this a reality.

Please visit their website and join them!

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Sea Shepard's mission is to protect defenceless marine wildlife and end the destruction of habitat in the world’s oceans. Since 1977, Sea Shepherd has used innovative direct action tactics to defend, conserve and protect the delicately-balanced biodiversity of our seas and enforce international conservation laws.

To learn more or get involved, visit their website

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